Thursday, August 16, 2012

Basic Female Link Cosplay

NOTICE: This method of deconstructing clothes may not work for everyone. I'm on the smaller side and reconstructing XXL male t-shirts from Walgreens works for me. Take a look at the XXL shirts and see if the length works for you depending on your height.

This is how you can make the original design I made for a female Link. I'll show you how I constructed this costume, from the dress to the potion necklace. Let's do it up!

Female Link Cosplay Gallery Here

The Dress
The Hat
Gloves and Boots
The Sword and Shield
The Potion Necklace

I bought the golden blonde wig from this user. I haven't had any problems with buying from this seller and the wigs are moderately priced. Shipping will take forever, but I do recommend this seller if you are looking to buy.

The Dress

  • 2 XXL Forest Green T-shirts
  • Seam ripper
  • Similar green thread
  • A fitted T-shirt
  • Fabric  marker (or chalk)
1) Use your seam ripper to remove the sleeves from both of the T-shirts
2) Pull your t-shirt INSIDE-OUT. You will have to imagine these images as if you were looking at them from the inside out. Lay your fitted t-shirt over the sleeveless green T-shirt (the fitted t-shirt is represented by the black lines) and mark where the sleeves end on your fitted t-shirt (red dots). I normally tuck in the sleeves of my fitted t-shirt to help determine where the marks should go.
3) Trace the curve of the sleeve of the t-shirt to connect the red dots.
4) Then, continue to trace the t-shirt and extend that line all the way to the end of the fabric.
5) Now, trace another line about 1/2" from the lines you drew as seam allowance. This is the gray line.
6) Now you are going to adjust the sleeves. Compare the sleeve hole of your shirt to the sleeve that you cut off from the t-shirt. Now this will sound confusing, but look at the picture for reference. Look at the bottom mark of the t-shirt and mark that spot on the sleeve. Then make a line parallel to the bottom seam to the end of the sleeve (orange line). Make another line below that line for seam allowance (red line). To the same to the other sleeve.
7) Cut along the seam allowances you made and you should have pieces that look like this (with one extra sleeve, of course)
8) Sew along the blue lines. Do not sew the armholes shut or you will have to do some more seam ripper work. Remember to reverse stitch at the beginning and end of your stitches.
9) You can cut out the neckline of your shirt and do a 2" cut down the center of the shirt. (It doesn't have to be 2", it can be more or less depending on low you'd like the tunic to be in the front.
10) Sew the sleeves to the tunic, right sides of the fabric together (right sides of the fabric = the fabric that will show).
11) Fold the upper collar in towards you (wrong sides together) and sew, following the dotted pink line.
Flip it inside-out. You now have your basic tunic! You can always cut the sleeves and add eyelets, like I did for my cosplay, but here is the most basic part of the dress.

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