Friday, August 24, 2012

Jill Valentine Costume

Jill Valentine is another easy cosplay to do. You can feel free to make a skirt, but I just used some dark colored shorts that folded over and I feel like it has the same effect as her skirt. (I'm naturally a klutz in a skirt, so I tend to avoid those when I can.)

Here is an example of my cosplay. (Forgive me for the horrible background... I know...)

Tube Top
  • XXL Blue t-shirt from Walgreens (or any XXL blue t-shirt)
  • Well-fitted t-shirt
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • Elastic (optional)
    • The elastic will help the tube top stay on your body. This is especially helpful for flat-chested people (such as myself) so you don't have to pull your tube top back up your body all the time.

1) Flip the XXL t-shirt inside out and cut across the shirt directly below the armpits. (red line)

2) Take your well-fitted shirt and fold it over directly below the armpits. (Essentially, you're doing the same thing above, except folding it instead of cutting it.) This will be your pattern.

3) Lay your fitted shirt over the XXL shirt, having the bottoms of both shirts meeting. We're doing this so we can use the finished edge of the XXL t-shirt instead of having to do it ourselves. Trace around your fitted shirt. (red line)

4) Add a seam allowance by tracing outside that red line by 1/2 an inch or so. (gray line)

5) Now cut along the seam allowance (gray line) and you should have two pieces of fabric. One will have the markings of your seam allowance and the other will not. You can either attempt to retrace the seam allowance or sew the one with the drawn lines first and then, after lining up the bottoms of the fabrics, pin the blank piece of fabric so that you can sew the same amounts.

6) While the right sides of the fabric are still together, sew up along the length of fabric. Remember to backstitch where you start your stitches and where you end them. (Ignore the green dashed line. Sew along the yellow line.)

7) (Optional: Elastic) Before you start sewing, take out your elastic and measure it around your body underneath your armpit. Make sure that you make it snug. Not too loose, not too tight. Once you've got it right, mark where you're going to cut the elastic and cut it.

7a) Now, length wise, fold the elastic in half and in half again. Mark the points where the elastic bends and you should have three marks. (elastic is black, marks are red)

7b) Do the same on  the pieces of your fabric. (This should be easier the seams on the sides will count as a mark.) Fold your fabric in half and mark (on both pieces of fabric) where the creases are. You have divided both your elastic and your fabric into fourths. Match up the marks on the fabric with the marks in the elastic and pin. Pin the elastic near the top of the pattern line.

7c) Sew the elastic onto the fabric, remembering to pull the elastic as you sew so both the elastic and the fabric are flat. Make sure to back-stitch at the beginning and end of your sewing.

If the elastic steps don't make sense to you, please refer to this video

8) Fold over the top of the fabric (wrong sides together) on the line of the pattern (red line). Since this is the opening of your tube top, you'll want to separate the two fabrics from each other and then fold. Pin the fabric down and stitch. (green dashed line)

9) Voila, you're done with your tube top!

Where to Buy Holsters
I bought my holsters off of Amazon. I spent about $40 on them. I bought shoulder holsters, a belt, and thigh holsters. 

Although my boots aren't shown, I bought them from Charlotte Russe for $20 when they had a fantastic sale. Make sure you wait for those sales!!

Good luck on your cosplay!

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