Friday, August 24, 2012

Model Magic

(Notice: I haven't used Sculpey or any type of baked clay yet. I will update as I learn more.)

I have used Model Magic on the earrings, the mask, and dagger for my San cosplay and I must say that it can be some really useful stuff. I chose to start with Model Magic because I needed something super lightweight for San's earrings and I just ended up having a lot of it over.

Where to Buy Model Magic

  • Craft stores (Michaels, JoAnns, Hobby Lobby, etc.)
  • Walmart

Pros of Model Magic

  • Lightweight
  • No need to bake in oven
  • Comes in large tubs if you need a lot
  • Sticks to itself and not to you
  • To connect two pieces of Model Magic, you can simply press and hold them together for awhile as long as it is not dry
  • Can paint after prepping with gesso or model magic

Cons of Model Magic
  • Stays soft and pliable for a LONG time (so you will want to be careful about putting any sort of pressure on it because it will fold to any pressure)
  • Cannot be sanded
  • Can crack while drying
  • Not meant for serious detailing

I've read that most people use Model Magic for smaller items and accessories that don't need a lot of detail as well. Princess Mononoke's San isn't particularly difficult which could explain why I didn't have trouble using Model Magic.

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