Thursday, August 16, 2012

Foundation Face

There are a lot of tutorials about applying makeup. I want to give a BIG thank you to Michelle Phan for inspiring me to do a wide variety of makeup looks. She has great basic tutorials that have helped me out a ton. For her videos, please check her YouTube page out.

Michelle Phan
Basic Foundation Tutorial
Basic Concealer Tutorial

Foundation and Concealer In a DIU Nutshell
You pretty much just put foundation all over your face and apply concealer where you need it: under eyes, on acne spots, etc. I was watching an interesting video that Michelle Phan (again, I know) made about what to use to apply makeup. It pretty much said that using your fingers places too much foundation in a single area, but I knew in my heart and my wallet there was no way that I was going out to go buy foundation brushes. Here's my quick solution to that:

Ignoring the horrible quality of the picture up there, imagine that is your face with the dark red as your hair line. Instead of placing the foundation on your fingers directly to your face, you can dab a little bit of foundation onto your face in this areas and spread it out across your face. (If you don't need this much coverage, just put dabs where you need it.)

Personally, I don't need more foundation that the single pump that I get from my foundation, which is about the size of a pea. I'm sure each person will need more or less, but do not over-cake your face. It's not very healthy for the skin because too much makeup doesn't let the skin breathe.

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