Friday, August 24, 2012

The Blog

Why did I create this blog?

I am, by no means, a master cosplayer nor am I claiming to be one. I made this site as a fellow learning cosplayer for other learning cosplayers. There is a vast storage of knowledge of cosplaying located online and everything can seem terrifying to try and master. Or maybe it seemed like too much work.

I know. I was a little afraid/lazy myself.

As I learn more and understand more and figure out how to communicate better, I will update the blog. This isn't one of those "this is how you should do it" cosplay tutorial blogs. This is a blog that will continue to grow and manifest as I learn more and as you learn more. As I find tutorials that I thought was helpful, I'll upload it onto the general tutorial page and let you know about it too!

Feel free to contact me if you have suggestions or just write it in the comment box below the blog post. I'll make sure to credit you and we'll make this a success!

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