Friday, August 24, 2012

Craft Foam

I might sound really stupid for saying this, but I first though craft foam was something that was mystical and all-powerful. (Mainly because whenever someone had a question about armor, most people said, "use craft foam! It works for everything!") I figured it'd be something impossible for me to find on my own and this was one of the main reasons I was discouraged.

And then, someone posted a picture and everything in the universe made sense.

This is craft foam:
They are those foamy sheets that you can find at Walmart or JoAnns, near the glitter and the kids' projects. I had some sitting in my basement that I had used on some prototype Chii persocom ears. I was mighty embarrassed to realize what they meant, and then I started planning my first cosplay. (Seriously.)

Pros of Craft Foam

  • Easy to use
  • Cheap
  • Can be molded using heat
  • Comes in many colors
  • Soft
Cons of Craft Foam
  • Not nearly as sturdy as some other products
  • May need to buy very large sheets

Prepping Craft Foam for Painting
All you need to do to paint craft foam is paint a few layers of gesso or Mod Podge on top to cover up the porous layers. Then, feel free to paint.

There are very helpful craft foam tutorials found on the Miscellaneous Tutorials page. They will help you out as you work with craft foam.

Good luck!

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