Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Definition of Cosplay

Cosplay kosupure short for "costume play", is a type of performance art in which participants don costumes, accessories;to represent a specific character;or idea. Cosplayers often interact to create a subculture;centred around role play. A broader use of the term "cosplay" applies to any costumed role play in venues apart from the stage, regardless of the cultural context.

--Taken from this Wikipedia article

Essentially, just dressing up as a character you like. Doesn't differentiate whether you buy the costume or make it. Doesn't depend on where it came from: movie, anime, video game, television show.

(In my opinion, wearing the jersey of a favorite sports team or wearing an old high school shirt has the same concept and rules. Most people don't wear those things outside of the accepted social norms, but they still can if they want to. Use your own judgment and don't be *as* upset if people are rude at a McDonalds or local grocery store.)

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