Thursday, August 16, 2012

False Lashes

There are a TON of false lashes out there and you can buy them anywhere. I'll show you my favorite false lashes right now.

Accent Lashes from Ardell

They don't come with eyelash glue, so you'll have to purchase some of that and application isn't too bad after a little bit of practice. Here are a few examples of me using these lashes (JBF Photoshoot, 2012).

I feel like they really give that anime feel, accenting the lashes at the ends instead of full on. I used this video as well as some ideas of my own to help put on my lashes. Click here to watch the video.

Applying False Eyelashes in a DIU Nutshell
It is a good idea to apply your eyeshadow and makeup before applying your false lashes. If you're just practicing, don't worry about applying makeup.

Like in the video, measure the lashes so you know where they go. Some lashes are too long so you'll need to cut them. If you're using the accent lashes above, we're measuring to see where we want our lashes to go.

Once you've got a good idea about your lashes, put a little bit of the lash glue onto the box that the lashes came in. Then, use a Q-tip to apply the glue to the edge of the lashes. Wait a few moments so that the glue can get tacky (10-30 seconds). Once the glue is tacky, apply the edge of the false lashes as close to you can to your natural lashes. You can use your finger to help push it closer, but I like to use another Q-tip to gently push the false lashes down towards my natural lashes. Work quickly and efficiently so you can get it in place before the glue dries too much.

From there, you can use eyeliner over the edge of the false lashes (similar to the video) to help hide the false lashes. Use mascara and curl your false lashes with your real ones to create a more realistic look. Good job! You're done!

If you don't get it the first time, it's all right. Everyone has trouble with false lashes, and it takes a little time to get used to the extra weight on your eyes.

Do it up!

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